• Have you ever dreamt of starting your own business and living life on your terms?
  • ​What do you do when, sometimes, your dreams of being an entrepreneur just don't seem to be working out?
  • ​In the highly competitive world of business, what makes or breaks an entrepreneur?
  • ​​Are you a current business owner who struggles to identify your customers, deliver true world-class value and generate the income you deserve?

Then you need this book!



What is 'The Small Business Survival Guide?'
From the struggle to get clients, generate enough cashflow, meet expectations, hire the right team members, or use technology, small business owners sometimes feel like they are out there swimming amongst the sharks -alone.
Using her clear voice and extensive 30+ years as a serial entrepreneur, and inspirational business strategist, Josevie Jackson wrote this book as an invaluable blueprint for you to continue your path to entrepreneurial success. 

In her comprehensive Small Business Survival Guide, Josevie Jackson presents the core fundamentals that all entrepreneurs need to know to overcome obstacles, pivot, find success, and live the life of their dreams. 

If you find your business stuck or struggling or simply want more money making ideas, this book is a must-have resource in the library of every entrepreneur!
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What's Inside The Small Business Survival Guide?
Framework for Analyzing your Business
Cash Flow Management
Low-Cost Marketing Strategies
Framework for Analyzing your Business
  • Identify what is and isn't working for your business
  • Look at the potential growth opportunities you have
  • Know how to prepare for external threats that could possibly hurt your business
Cash Flow Management
  • Determine how your business survives with cash going into and out of your bank account
  • Learn the quick way to evaluate your cash flow to avoid negative cash flow
  • Know your options if you find yourself struggling to stay abreast of your cash flow
Low-Cost Marketing Strategies
  • Understand how marketing can be as important as payroll and bills
  • When your business is struggling, should you cut your marketing budget or should you double down on marketing? - Know the answer
  • Learn more about my favorite low-cost and effective marketing techniques
It Just Helps! See what business owners have to say... 
"This book is really well-written and informative. It's helping me have a better, positive mindset on my business moving forward. Wow! Loving it!"
Amy MCclelland
Owner of Hunibusiness
"The Ultimate Survival Guide is a how to step-by-step way for any individual who has entrepreneurial pursuits. If you want to really set yourself ahead of the next entrepreneur, read this now!!!"
Ger Carriere
CEO, Founder and Author at Wild Woman Coaching
"A large portion of my clients are starting over and on the path to creating their own businesses- and this is THE BOOK I recommend for them to get started! Josevie Jackson teaches not only valuable Business lessons, but the MIndset to make it stick! It's more than a "Survival Guide"- it's a "Thriving Guide"!"
Leesa Landry
Author of "The Gift of Divorce" & Life After Divorce Guide
You DON'T Need to Sacrifice a Lot!
Seriously... you don't

Many business owners don't see that there is a way to maneuver from the brink of failing...

...and it does not necessarily mean you will need to give up most of your resources or your people!

Why lose hope, when you can follow my steps to keep your business from closing...

...and in the long run, strive for success?

These ways are proven. They may not be "easy" but will surely keep you running for the next years... just need a guide to the right direction...

...and a little push from me :-)

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Your Questions Answered...
Why is it FREE?

If you're thinking "why is it FREE...there must be a catch?" Then here are three reasons that should put your mind at rest

1. Having it FREE makes the material more available to everyone, from startups and to solo entrepreneurs. 

2. Consider this a part of your free trial in my programs. I believe the best way you'll get to know more about me is to read one of my works, and this book will surely do the job.  

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Why is there a SHIPPING FEE?

This is a free PHYSICAL copy of the book, so it will be delivered directly to your shipping address. The fee of $7.49 USD is fixed regardless of your location.

This is only a one-time-offer. If you get the book during regular days, you'll get it by $16.99 USD plus a varying shipping fee base on your address.

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How long will the delivery take?

The delivery will only take 7-10 days.
I will make sure your free copy will be delivered within those days. If there are any delays, there might be problems with the courier.

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